"Thanks for keepin it real."




Our Interns are High School Graduates up to 24 years of age. Interns tour as Break the Grey, performing in
a variety of school assemblies, concerts, and events! Interns help students realize the untapped potential
they have to impact THEIR generation!
Break the Grey Interns are trained in:

Honor, Integrity, Performing Arts, and Non-Profit Leadership.



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Anna Pranger Briana Danean
Director of Internship Director of Performing Arts
260-409-8321 260-210-2524


Meet our Upcoming Team of Interns!

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Be creative! We relate to elementary school, middle
school and high school students through
our Specialties areas!

 Focus on and grow in your natural gifts and interests!

Specialty Areas are:

- Music

- Theater

- Creative Writing

- Film / Photography


Types of Break the Grey Internship


8-9 Month Internships:

* August - May

* January - July


             Please contact Anna Pranger, Director of Internship, at 260-409-8321 if you have any questions.


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  Session 1: August - May
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  Creative Writing